10 Things I Learnt from… Clueless


So OK, you’re probably going, “Is this another nostalgia-ridden Clueless appreciation blog written by a 80s-born twentysomething who acts like the movie is the be all and end all of modern cinema?” Yes, it totally is, and yes, the movie totally is. I think every adolescent of a certain age has that one teen-based movie that they first watched when they were way too young to get half the jokes and that you continue to cling to for the rest of your days: a never-ending symbol of their formative youth. That movie that reminds them of being a kid. That movie that you enjoy just as much the 80th time as you did that first. That movie that you watch in bed when you’ve been struck by a debilitating case of man-flu and literally nothing else will do. That movie that you’re fairly certain you’d be capable of performing in a one-person-show adaptation in front of an audience of tens. For those of a certain age, my generation, Clueless is that movie. And If Clueless isn’t that movie, and you’re coming to me with claims that you prefer ‘A Walk To Remember, got your life to ‘Save the Last Dance’ or unleashed your inner-queen every time a bitchy line was uttered in ‘Jawbreaker’, then you can take several seats because I won’t hear of it. Not only does Clueless remind me fondly of the summer evening I first watched it on TV after boking my stomach contents up from drinking too much Coke and medicating myself by drinking flat Coke, it really was my first exposure into anything outside the mind-boggling complexity of Power Rangers. Sex? Gay people? HAITIANS? Just what was this new universe I was being exposed to and why is it so incredible? Can I grow up to be everything that Cher Horowitz, my eternal icon, is? There is absolutely no doubt of the far-reaching moral, intellectual and deeply educational effects this movie had on what was my then-eight-year-old-mind. So without further ado, here is the 10 things I learnt from Clueless.

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